Just got in the national news with WirelessBelgium

19 Jul

We’ve been building a wireless network througout Belgium. Today, we got media attention. You can view the reportage here (in dutch):
The network also appeared in a national newspaper:

For more information, visit


Tripple-P TXU-1256 D-Star Repeater

09 Jul

I just wrote a new Project Page about the Tripple-P TXU-1256 as D-Star Repeater.
Go check it out if you want to know more about how I build a D-Star repeater with the Tripple-P TXU-1256.


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saxIgate 0.1.7 released

01 Jul

A new version of saxIgate has been released (I know, it took a year)
Following changes have been made:

  • Fixed a bug that would crash the app when a port was specified. Thx to OK1TEB for notifying me.
  • Cleaned up code in main.c and distributed it over igate.c and msggate.c, for a cleaner approach.
  • DNS error will no longer kill the application.

I would like to implement RF-TX for message gateway and dstar digipeating (so that dgps is also broadcasted on aprs-rf for stations in the vicinity) in the next version. Keep tuned.

You can download it from its googlecode page


D-Star not available in France

28 Jun

It seems D-Star is still banned in france:

“All European countries allow now all HAM-DV modes (APCO25, MOTOTRBO, TETRA, etc …) and D-STAR with Internet access. France is the last country in Europe to prohibit these new technologies.”

Read more here:

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Connecting Japan through D-Star

08 Jun

TAKU  JA3PTR just posted this message on DSTAR_DIGITAL, I think it might be nice to know:

When you call CQ via D-Star Repeater to Japan,set UR Call field like
You can not individually call (Don't write on Personal Callsign).
"RPT1:Use your local repeater port"
"RPT2:Gateway repeater callsign"
Step on the same procedure when responding from CQ Call fromJapan.
And when you calling CQ via Japanese D-Star Gateway Repeater,announce
your repeater's call sign with port name.
And, please repeat several times to write it down.

UR :/JP3YHFA ( / ) is needed
RPT1:WB4HRO C (C in 8th position)
RPT2:WB4HRO G (G in 8th position)

( Thank you Kawa JF1TEU )

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UBA VHF, UHF, SHF Fieldday

04 Jun

I’ll be joining up with the DST contest team for the UBA VHF, UHF, SHF Fieldday.
We will be doing this from the Signal de Botrange in the Ardennes. (JO30am)

You should be able to view our webcam livestream on when we get a link up to the wirelessantwerpen network. Since we cannot use existing towers we’ll first have to build up an antenna tower before the link can be established.

We will be transmitting with the callsign OR4D.
Maybe will make a nice QSO, so come and join in.

73s and till on the air.

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Sitecom LN030 Linux Driver

03 Jun

For some of our projects we use a Sitecom LN030 Ethernet USB Adapter for extra Ethernet Ports. Since most of our software is Linux based, we needed a Linux driver.

The device is not natively supported in Linux (checked kernel …)
The chipset of the device is the Moschip MCS7380, however this driver does not recognize the Sitecom LN030 Adapter since it has a different vendor- & productid then the MCS product.

The solution was simple, I went into the driver source code and hacked it so that the driver also recognized the Sitecom LN030 Adapter. Since this is not so common to do, the driver is available for download here:


ATTENTION: This driver has ONLY been tested WITH the Sitecom LN030
under CENTOS 5.2 kernel ... The driver should also support the original
MCS7830 product, but this is untested. Please use the original moschip
driver if you need it for anything else then the Sitecom LN030.

Installation is simple:

  • Make sure your linux kernel source is available and linked into /lib/modules/<kernel version>/build.
  • Extract the tar.gz with tar -xvfj Sitecom-ln030-7830.tar.gz
  • Go into the directory Sitecom-ln030-7830 (cd Sitecom-ln030-7830)
  • type: make
  • after the driver is installed, type make load to load it immediatly.
  • Please read the README inside the tar.gz for more information.
kernel: usb0: register usbnet at usb-0000:00:1d.7-4, MOSCHIP 7830 usb-NET adapter, 00:0c:f6:3a:f9:f6
kernel: usbcore: registered new driver MOSCHIP usb-ethernet driver
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